Paint the Town Green

Centennial College Community members at Morningside Park for Paint the Town Green

Centennial College turns 50 years old this year and we celebrated by painting the town - green! 

Paint the Town Green won the "Best Event Produced for a Corporation by an In-house Team" award

Centennial College opened its doors to a renovated, ramshackle former factory on Warden Avenue on October 17, 1966. Despite its humble beginnings as Ontario's first public college, Centennial grew rapidly by offering the Baby Boom generation a new path to rewarding careers.

To mark Centennial's 50th anniversary, the college cancelled classes on Tuesday, September 27 to release its students, faculty and staff to "Paint the Town Green." Thousands of volunteers fanned out across the city to lend a hand in 11 major Toronto parks with a variety of "green" initiatives such as planting trees, spreading mulch, removing trash from waterways and nature trails, painting fixtures and beautifying public areas.

Given Centennial College's remarkable reputation internationally, its partner schools in China, Korea, India, Turkey, Panama, Brazil and other countries released their students to make meaningful contributions in their own communities. In the spirit of the day, the president of Suzhou Centennial College near Shanghai, China, was excited to be collecting litter in the beautiful canal city of Suzhou.

Centennial College Vietnam Students at Paint the Town Green

This "greening" initiative is Centennial's way of giving back to the communities that made Ontario's first college what it is today.

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