Signature Learning Experience

Making a Difference in the World

For some time, Bridging to University Nursing program student Carollyn San Jose harboured a strong desire to work for a non-governmental organization. She believed that by doing so she could help to address issues of access, or more specifically, lack of access, to healthcare in developing countries. So when Carollyn heard about Centennial College's Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience (GCELE) trip to the Dominican Republic this past spring she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

The GCELE is the embodiment of Centennial's commitment to student participation in global citizenship learning. The GCELE prepares students to be leaders of positive social change in our intricately connected world. For Carollyn her experience in the Dominican Republic only served to strengthen her desire to affect positive change.

"Being in the Dominican Republic and organizing a mobile clinic in a Haitian batey, I learned that extreme poverty is a reality to millions of people around the world and we need to take action."

This trip was the first step in what Carollyn believes will be a lifelong journey to help others less fortunate and her experience with Centennial was the perfect springboard for that journey.

"Everyday was a learning experience. I learned the importance of teamwork as students worked together in the health clinic as well as in the home renovation projects and kayaking activity. I learned about public and private healthcare systems, which gave me better insight on the advantages and disadvantages of both systems and how they compare to Canada's current healthcare system. And most importantly I gained a better perspective on how the non-profit organization we worked with functioned to reduce the inequalities of poverty and healthcare."

And as for Carollyn's time at Centennial College, she has this to say to those thinking on enrolling; "Centennial College offers great learning opportunities, whether it be in the city of Toronto or internationally. I found the staff supportive and continuously looking for ways to enhance the student's learning experience.

So, what is the Signature Learning Experience?

It is our promise to you, our students, that your education will open up a world of knowledge and insight that reaches beyond the skills of the career for which you are studying. Specifically, the Signature Learning Experience (S.L.E.) is a distinctive educational experience that integrates the principles of global citizenship, social justice and equity.

The goal of this program is to help you discover the more socially and culturally aware citizen within yourself to apply in the workforce.

Why are Global Citizenship and Equity so Important?

In the coming years, you will be asked to play many roles and take on many responsibilities, both as individuals and as citizens finding your place in the community and the world.  In your work and your life, you may be asked to deal with everything from cultural issues to global ones.

You will likely face the responsibility of addressing social injustice at the personal, professional and global level. You will be asked to think critically about your commitments and to choose actions that can bring about progressive change.

You must, in short, be ready for your role as a global citizen. That's where the Signature Learning Experience (S.L.E.) comes in.

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