College Leadership

College Leadership

Ann Buller
President & CEO

Omar Al Assaf
Director, IT Client Services

James Allen
Chief Information Officer 

Shannon Brooks
Director, Financial Services 

Neil Buddel
​Dean of Students

Rosanna Cavallaro
Associate Vice President
Marketing and Communications

Frank Cerisano
Executive Director, Development & Alumni Engagement 

Brad Chapman
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President Business Development

Darryl Creeden
Director, Recruitment and Admissions

John Curtis

Yves Deschenes
Associate Vice President
Human Resources

Trish Dryden
Associate Vice President
Applied Research & Corporate Planning

Lindsay Dutton
Director of Operations, Development and Alumni Engagement

John Fekete
Director, Business Development

Nancy Fisher
Director, Labour Relations & HR Consulting

Deepak Gupta
Director, Applied Research and Innovation Centre

Kristi Harrison
Associate Vice President
Academic Excellence

Renee Kenny
Associate Vice President
Business Development

Tracey Lloyd
Career Services and Counselling

Virginia Macchiavello
Director, International Education

Gina Marshall
Director, Academic Quality

Sandra Murphy
Vice President
Academic and Chief Learning Officer

Varsha Patel
Acting Dean, Organizational Learning and Academic Development

Prafulla Prabhu
Director, Marketing and Communications

Kevin Rajpaulsingh
Director, Student Life

Marilyn Scott
Chief of Staff

Craig Stephenson
Vice President
Student and Community Engagement

Taylan Tatli
Director, Corporate Planning & Institutional Research

Gladys Watson
Director, Libraries

School Leadership

Joe Baker
Dean, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture

Michelle DeCoste
Dean, School of Continuing Education & Corporate Training 

Nate Horowitz
Dean, School of Communications, Media and Design

Rahim Karim
Dean, School of Community and Health Studies

Patrick Kelly
Dean, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

Alan McClelland
Dean, School of Transportation

Barry O'Brien
Dean, School of Business

Carol Roffey
Dean, School of Advancement