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Lifestyle Media: Blogger vs Columnist

Lifestyle media has become its own industry thanks to an increased interest in food, wellness, entertainment and more. The people who contribute to this industry must have some specific knowledge about the changing media landscape. Centennial College’s Lifestyle Media program can help.

picture of a Centennial College Graphic Design program student working on their laptop in an on-campus studio

Tools of the Trade: What you need to succeed in graphic design

Do you have what it takes to be a successful graphic designer? While some of the skills you need are obvious (being creative, for example), others may surprise you. Centennial College's graphic design program can teach you all the skills you need to succeed.

Picture of a Game Art Design Student Work

3D Animation's Role in 2017's Most Anticipated Video Games

3D animation plays a major part in creating today’s most anticipated video games — whether you’re fighting cartels in South America or futuristic robot dinosaurs in some far-off imagined world. Centennial College's Animation – 3D program teaches students what they need to know, not only for games but also for movies and TV.

picture of a Centennial College Alumni painting famous artists on canvases

History's Most Expensive Paintings

Art can range from the mass produced items you can buy at Ikea to the paintings at the Art Gallery of Ontario — and its price range can be just as dramatic. What are the most expensive art pieces ever sold? If this sort of question intrigues you, Centennial College's Arts Management program may be for you.

picture of a Centennial College Public Relations Corporate Communications program graduate wearing business professional and talking on a cellphone outside in a city setting

Putting out fires: How Public Relations professionals handle PR disasters

The general public often looks at public relations disasters as entertainment but for PR professionals, they are anything but. Learning what goes into managing a PR crisis may help you to decide if this career is for you — so can Centennial College's Public Relations - Corporate Communications program.

Image of student creating an interactive application

There’s an app for that: The world of user design

There are millions of apps out there that help us organize our lives. And while they magically appear on our phones, a lot of work goes into launching a successful app. You can learn all you need to know at Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management program.

Theatre Superstitions blog

"Break a leg!" and other theatre superstitions

The theatre is a very superstitious place, as is evidenced by the old "break a leg" wish for good luck. Centennial College's Theatre Arts and Performance program can prepare you for a career that will actually see you live out these superstitions.


A Young Journalist's March on Washington

Just like the women (and men) of the world felt it was their duty to stand up to U.S. President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, I felt it was my duty as a journalist to report on it. A couple of days after Trump was elected, I started seeing Facebook events for the Women’s March on Washington. I didn’t know how, but I knew I would be in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 21. It turns out to be as easy as buying a bus ticket. Two weeks before the march, I found a delegation of Canadian women who were making the 12-hour journey to Washington, and there was my ride and my story.