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picture of two Centennial College Food Service Worker program students in class looking at a book

Just the facts: What a Food Service Worker is, and how to become one

If you think a career in Food Service Work is a career behind the counter of a restaurant, you’ll be surprised to learn what it’s really about. Food Service Work actually has more to do with healthcare, and providing for people who often have special nutritional needs. Here’s the true facts about the job, and about Centennial College’s Food Service Worker certificate program.

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Working to Keep Kids Safe — One Purple Outfit at a Time

This article looks at one of the critical issues that graduates of Centennial College's Child and Youth Care program encounter in the field: child abuse. It documents what child abuse is and how awareness is being raised to ensure children are kept safe.

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Seven easy ways to manage your own nutrition

We all want to eat healthier, but going on a properly-managed diet can be a difficult thing to manage yourself. If you need your nutrition managed, turning nutrition into a career is the purpose of Centennial College's Nutrition and Food Service Management Program. Meanwhile, here's some easy ways to manage your own nutrition, before you manage anyone else's.

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5 workplace health mistakes to avoid

If you work a desk job, keeping yourself healthy when sitting at your computer is probably a concern. Fortunately, there's a lot of simple stuff you can do to help keep yourself healthy, but there's also some pitfalls you need to avoid.

picture of Centennial College Food Service Worker program students working in a kitchen preparing meals

Five truths about a career as a Food Service Worker

"Food Service Worker" doesn't mean what you think it does. For one thing, you're not a burger-flipper. This is a program taught at the School of Community and Health studies. Know why? It's because it's a program about health. If you want to help people through nutrition, it's an excellent career, and this is an excellent program that can quickly and effectively connect you to that career. Here's the truth about the Food Service Worker program at Centennial College.

picture of Centennial College Developmental Services Worker program students in class working together on a laptop

Help those that need it the most as a Developmental Services Worker

Some people are born into needing help, and as a developmental services worker, you're helping our most vulnerable live a full life. The career is focused on helping people with developmental or intellectual disabilities be strong, independent community members.