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picture of a Centennial College Hospitality Hotel Operations Management program student working as a concierge speaking with a guest

Technology's impact on the hotel industry

Technological advances, from keyless room entry to social media, are changing the way hotels do business. Students of Centennial College's Hotel Operations Management program will enter this vastly changing industry with the knowledge they need to get to the top.

picture of two food tourists in a food market speaking with a food tour guide

Eating Your Way Through Surprising Food Origins

If the origins of food fascinate you, if you love to try new dishes from around the world, if nothing is more appealing to you than travelling to explore new cuisines as much as you explore the destinations you visit, you may want to consider attending Centennial College's Food Tourism program.

picture of a Centennial College chef preparing french toast with bananas and maple syrup

All the sweetness, without all the sugar

When it comes to baking today, there are unique challenges due to the wide range of dietary restrictions or lifestyle preferences. Many bakers, for example, are finding ways to reduce or replace sugar in their baking in creative ways. Centennial College's Baking and Pastry Arts Management students learn fundamental baking skills and much more in their program.

picture of a plate of food staged by Centennial College Food Media program faculty

Getting Your Plate Social Media Ready: Food Photography Tips

Taking photos of food can be fun but it isn't always as easy as pointing and shooting. These tips will get your food shots social media-ready. If you want to move beyond basic tips, Centennial College offers a Food Media program that will take your love of food and media, and turn it into a career.

picture of two Centennial College Special Event Planning program students at an event

The winning personality: What event planning niche would you best be suited for?

Not everyone is cut out to be an event planner. But there are certain personality types who would excel in various areas of the event-planning world. From corporate business types who are team players or those who love a good party to the entrepreneurial minded, do it alone types — event planning niches are waiting for you and so is Centennial College's Special Event Planning program.

picture of a Centennial College Baking and Pastry Arts Management program adding filling to a cookie with a spatula

Tools of the baking trade

The tools you use in baking are very important. Beyond the standard baking sheets and rolling pins is equipment the experts employ to cut time and make clean up easy. Start with these and then move onto more advanced knowledge at Centennial College's Baking and Pastry Arts Management program.

picture of Centennial College Culinary Management program students cooking in an on-campus kitchen lab

Tis the season: Why cooking seasonally helps your body and your pockets

Many chefs advocate for seasonal cooking because foods are at the height of their flavour. Others love it because the items tend to be cheaper when they are in season. Whatever your reason for eating seasonally, there is lots to choose from in Ontario and Centennial College can offer the details to make it all come together through its Culinary Management program.