Centre for Students with Disabilities

Three female students and a male student hanging at the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD), with laptops and a binder on their hands

In the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at Centennial College, we strive to create the kind of community in which you can reveal your beauty to the world! We provide the counselling, support, advocacy and accommodations; the motivation and determination come from you. With dedication and hard work, along with a little help from your friends, reveal your genius!

If you have a documented learning disability, medical or mental health condition, physical, visual, hearing or mobility impairment, we can help. Applicants should contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities. Our service is free and confidential, but you should call well in advance of classes to allow time to arrange for help.

Centennial College will make every reasonable effort to accommodate students with disabilities so they can meet the learning objectives of the programs of instruction in which they are registered. Equal access will be provided to all programs and services.

For more information, call 416-289-5000, ext. 2627.