Student Relations Office

An overview of the Friendship Room at Progress campus, showing the whole room, including the television

The Student Relations Office is dedicated to making your experiences at Centennial College positive and memorable.

Do you have a problem? We can help you!

We will listen to you and provide information and support when you have concerns or complaints including:

  • Academic matters
  • Social or behavioural concerns
  • Issues of conflict
  • Harassment or discrimination - We treat bullying and harassment very seriously. Visit Student Conduct Policies for more information.
  • We explain college policies and how they apply to you.
  • We resolve complaints either through informal resolution, mediation or formal process.
  • We’ll help you navigate the college system and understand your rights and responsibilities.
  • We can help you become a better communicator and self-advocate when interacting with instructors, Program Chairs and others.
  • We provide information on the LGBTQ Activities and Programs and the Multi Faith Prayer and Meditation Rooms.