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picture of a Centennial College Paralegal program student dressed in business professional sitting in a chair in an office setting

The truth about Jury duty in Ontario

The jury selection process in Canada is quite different than you may expect. It involves a unique procedure that includes, typically, a week of potential selection. Anyone who studies Canada's justice system is familiar with jury selection, including Paralegals who can obtain their education at Centennial College.


Five ways this Business School event connects you with the professionals

The business world is always growing and changing, so in order to keep the programs in the Business School at Centennial College current and relevant, we partner with professional business institutions. Students can also connect with these institutions to help get their careers rolling once they graduate, and the first ever Professional Association and Academic Partner Night was held this September at our Progress campus’s bridge and Fireside gallery to make that happen. Nav Uppal was one of the event’s organizers, and he filled me in on the five biggest reasons students will want to come the event the next time it’s held.

picture of a Centennial College International Business Management program student dressed in business professional holding a textbook in the Progress Campus library

Get Inspired: Little Known Facts about Famous Entrepreneurs

Going global has the potential to exponentially increase business success. To help you get inspired about the prospect of international business, we've compiled a list of little-known facts about entrepreneurs whose brands are recognized around the world. Centennial College's International Business Management program, meanwhile, will offer you the actual business know-how you need.

Financial and Client Services Student at Centennial College

Client Service Skills that Matter Most

Having soft skills if you work in the client service industry is essential, which is why students at Centennial College’s Financial and Client Services program receive the type of training the covers both practical and soft skills knowledge.

picture of two people looking at house listings on a computer

Dos and Don'ts of Home-Buying

Making important financial decisions, such as those associated with buying your first home, can be challenging. Students in Centennial College's Financial Services program are trained to help clients make informed decisions in a variety of areas dealing with finance.

Picture of Centennial College Fashion Business Management program coordinator Leesa Butler looking at a dress in a store downtown Toronto

Head to Toe Style: Fashion Trends to Watch

Trends come and go, and each year it is exciting to find out what the fashionistas will be wearing. In the Fashion Business and Management program at Centennial College, students go much further and learn not only the latest styles but also the business behind them.

Picture of Accounting students at Centennial College

How Accounting Came to Be

Accounting has come a long way since the days when ancient Egyptian bookkeepers kept inventory at royal storehouses. But surprisingly, some concepts from hundreds of years ago are still intact. Students at Centennial College, meanwhile, learn the most up to date information to become successful accountants.

Picture of Centennial College Marketing Digital Engagement Strategy program students dressed in business professional reviewing analytics.

Customer Engagement in a Connected World

Achieving Business success in this era of technological progress is dependent on an organization's ability to embrace the transformation to digital. For the first time in many decades, Marketing has been offered the chance to be in the driver's seat given its proximity to customers and its focus on engaging them along their path to purchase. It is this particular area that students at Centennial College will prepare for, in just two semesters, with the launch of the new graduate certificate program Marketing – Digital Engagement Strategy.


From the Boardroom to the Dinner Table: Business Etiquette Around the Globe

Business etiquette varies from country to country and the gestures or actions someone in Brazil finds offensive will be much different than those someone in Japan will gasp at. This around the globe look at business traditions will help any aspiring businessperson, including students of Centennial College’s Business Administration – International Business program.

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