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Preschool Curriculum: Supporting Children's Inquiry

Course Code ECEP-239
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Course Availability: Open

The preschool child constructs their understanding of the world through play. The child engages using their whole body, tantalizing the senses to become immersed in a process of discovery, “finding out”. This experience is enhanced by the interactions and relationships developed with adults and peers who guide, support and challenge the child. The Early Childhood Educator facilitates the preschool child's experiences by encouraging inquiry. The educator supports the children's investigations and explorations.

The child is valued as a competent, intrinsically motivated learner. The application of principles including collaboration, documentation, reciprocity and relationships celebrates the child.

Using observation, students will identify children's inquiries and collaborate with the children to design and implement a series of related learning opportunities which deepen their understanding of the inquiry. Students will learn to enrich the children's learning in a variety of curriculum content areas.

Students will use documentation to celebrate and communicate the children and adult engagement to members of the center community.