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Vehicle Specifications

Course Code TCMP-404
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Vehicle Specifications; Legal Compliance and Competitive Advantage 

Commercial vehicles are designed to perform a specific job. Although many transportation jobs have similarities and the vehicles appear similar, professional transport operators will explore vehicular options to improve their competitive advantage making their vehicles somewhat unique. Topping this list are those options and specifications which maximize the legal payloads across their operational territory. As the specialization related to the products handled increases, so does the extent of customization and ancillary equipment deployed. 

This course will help the student understand the various operational aspects of a vehicle, a sampling of the optional bodies and equipment, dimensional specifications and how these components affect the vehicle. Additionally, the student will develop an understanding of relationship between vehicle specifications and maintenance activities and the procedures required to ensure these specialized vehicles and bodies remain legal and productive in a highly competitive environment. 

Upon graduation, the student will be able to write a spec’ for a SPIF (safe, productive, infrastructure friendly) combination vehicle (truck and trailer) for Canadian jurisdictions in line with RTAC (Roads & Transportation Association of Canada) guidelines. Further to this, the student will be able to outline those additional maintenance and repair activities necessary to keep these vehicles safe and productive.