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Auto Cad, Prints & Heat Load Calculations

Course Code RACH-212
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 3
Course Availability: Open

The AutoCAD, Prints and Heat Load Calculations section will provide the apprentice with both theory and practical training. Course provides the apprentice with the ability to interpret drawings for the design of a structure that includes a heating and air conditioning system. The curriculum provides the structure necessary to demonstrate AutoCAD drafting skills, be able to describe procedures to gather data along with learning the methods to calculate heat gain and heat loss for commercial buildings based on design criteeria. Become familiar with the selection procedure of HVAC equipment base on a building's heating and cooling loads. Students will also learn the requirements to size and layout an air distribution system as outlined by HRAI and ASHRAE based on a load estimate for commercial buildings.
NOTE: Courses and Labs may be held in hi or low temperature and humidity conditions.