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Automotive Computer Systems Theory and Diagnosis

Course Code CEAM-959
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Course Availability: Open

No codes, so no problem, right? Maybe, but how do you know for sure? The Automotive Computer Systems Module starts with the purpose and benefits of computer controls and then advances to computer construction and function. We’ll examine the strategies that are used to control air, fuel and spark management, as well as emission control devices and transmission functions. With an emphasis placed on testing various input signals and outputs from the computer, the technician will know what to do with a driveability problem with no associated fault codes. Demonstrations are performed through the Computer Module using DVOMs, lab scopes and scanners. Prerequisite: A valid Automotive Service Technician or Truck & Coach Technician Certificate of Qualification Note: Safety boots and safety goggles must be worn in the lab areas. You will be denied access to labs if you are dressed inappropriately.