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B2B Marketing

Course Code MKTG-752
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Hutt and Speth suggest that “special challenges and opportunities confront the marketer who intends to serve the needs of organizations rather than households. Business–to-Business customers represent a lucrative and complex market worthy of separate analysis.

Research shows that over half of business school graduates enter firms that compete in business markets. The first part of this course focuses on an examination of business marketing management including:

  • A thorough look at the Environment of Business Marketing
  • Managing Relations in Business Marketing including Organizational Buyer Behaviour and Customer Relations
  • Assessing Market Opportunities and
  • Formulating Business Marketing Strategies

Part two focuses on Marketing Channel Management with special emphasis on special approaches like Gap Analysis and Channel Power and Conflict Management that are essential to the business base, and often to the channel or B2B strategies success.

Course Outline