Experience the Beauty of Architecture: A Global Perspective

Course Code GNED-223
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This course explores what makes buildings and their surroundings beautiful. Rather than focusing on the style of a building by certain external features, emphasis is placed on experiencing architecture. Through hands on exercises in sketching, modelling, photography, and multimedia storytelling, students will observe, critique, and feel what goes into the design of a building. Buildings will be observed by how they were designed for special purposes and how they were attuned to the entire concept and rhythm of a specific era. Through the careful selection of iconic buildings such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Parthenon of Athens, the Pantheon of Rome, the Gothic cathedrals of Europe, The Taj Mahal and The Alhambra, students will discover the links between form, function, structure, and aesthetics. Students will leave this course with a mental toolkit for studying beauty and beautiful things, and figuring out how to make a place or structure more welcoming to human life.