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Business Analysis

Course Code BUSN-226
Lecture hours per week 4
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The formation of a successful business plan relies an understanding of the environment, industry and markets within which an organization competes. To develop this understanding requires an ability to gather relevant data, analyze it, identify its implications, and communicate the findings to decision makers. This course teaches the student to: 
a) Obtain data relevant to the analysis of a company, its competitors within an industry, the industry itself and the macroenvironment within which it operates; 
b) Analyze data using a variety of analysis models and approaches, and transform data using arithmetical, statistical and financial computations, and into actionable information; 
c) Synthesize findings into formal recommendations; 
d) Prepare formal reports that communicate key findings and recommendations to decision makers; 
e) With the assistance of citation software, employ proper citation techniques based on the most current APA format; 
f) Develop charts, tables and presentation slides that present findings in a compelling manner