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Business Culture and Collaborative Practices

Course Code BUSN-333
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Communication is a critical foundation that supports and sustains organizations. Employees will be expected to conduct credible research on business issues and to communicate their results clearly both in writing and via business presentations. Collaboration in teams across local, regional, national and global distances is commonplace for many, if not all, business employees. Therefore, students must learn to communicate and collaborate using traditional means (i.e. emails, letters, memos, reports, meetings, presentations) as well as emerging technologies (online meetings, video conferences, web presentations, blogs, social media). 

Students will be challenged with communication activities both in-class and between classes, using traditional and online delivery modes. There will be opportunities to refine presentation skills and writing skills while also raising awareness of interpersonal/intercultural communications challenges.