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Business and Entrepreneurship for Software Engineering Technology

Course Code COMP-255
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 3
Course Availability: Open
Software Engineering Technology not only has unlimited potential for transforming the way organizations operate and their decision-making capabilities but, in addition, it provides opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.  In the latter sense, new ideas are conceived, developed and deployed for the advancement of society. This scenario plays out in so many examples that we see around us. Therefore, the main motivation behind the development of this course is to challenge our software engineering students to increase their knowledge of business processes and to have an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset that can lead to the development of new software products and/or the enhancement of existing ones. 
This Business and Entrepreneurship course is comprised of two main components:
1. Business organizational models, processes, and ethics.
2. Product Development and Entrepreneurship.
The topics for the Business component will include organizational structures for large, medium and small businesses with an overview of essential business processes related to manufacturing, retailing, and service industries.  Reporting and management decision-making, software engineering code of ethics, health and safety plus leadership characteristics and styles are discussed. 
Topics for the Product Development and Entrepreneurship components will include software entrepreneurial process, principles of software business ownership, identifying software market opportunity, entrepreneurial software marketing, software business communication and negotiation techniques, feasibility analysis, entrepreneurial financing, legal issues, software business plan development, risk management.
The course will promote collaborative teamwork.

COMP-255 may be delivered in on-line mode.