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Canadian Studies

Course Code GSGE-106
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Canadian Studies: Places, Perspectives and Peoples is a study of contemporary Canada and its roots. You will examine the following questions: What is Canadian identity? How have our regional landscapes and histories shaped us? How are we going to govern ourselves? What are First Nations' concerns in Canada today? What challenges and opportunities do we have living in multicultural/multiracial Canada? How are we going to approach the changing demographics of Canada to create a more equitable society? How does French/English duality affect us? How are we going to survive beside the US? What is our international role in this 21st century? In the context of these questions, you will critically explore our geography, history, peoples, political and socio-economic institutions, and national and international relationships in order to arrive at an understanding of our present. You will learn about, reflect upon, and analyze Canadian issues, their roots, their meaning today, and their influence on our future. Throughout the course, you will find that the topics take you through an exploration of the challenges that we face as Canadians. By its very nature, this course requires flexibility to respond effectively to current issues affecting Canada during the semester.