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Career Planning

Course Code BUSN-215
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

To compete in today’s job market, you need a great resumé and more. Without a great resumé, your chances of rising above the crowd are greatly hindered. Not only do you need a great resume to get you an interview, you need to be able to communicate your employability and transferable skills during an interview. Whether you are competing for a co-op work placement, entrance into a university program, a job promotion, or landing that new job, you will need to develop a professional business image and learn how to market your skills and abilities to make yourself the best possible applicant.

This course introduces students to career exploration, assessment, and planning. Students will have an opportunity to critically examine a variety of industries and careers, and the job prospects therein. Students will develop a LinkedIn profile to create a professional public presence, and tell their story through a targeted resume, accompanying cover letter, and a mock online job interview.

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