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Caribbean Literature

Course Code HUM-313
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Course Availability: Open

This course offers students the opportunity to study Caribbean literature. The course reflects the diversity of literary voices, a unique mixture of Native, African, Asian, and European, as well as a myriad of other cross-cultural influences. Through the fiction, especially short stories, poetry and novels, the students will better understand the legacies of colonialism, issues of cultural identity, immigration and economic poverty, even as the writers celebrate one of the most diverse regions of the world, the Caribbean. Students will explore a variety of literary works focused on specific themes, such as colonization, settlement, and economic exploitation of primary resources. The students will engage in research, group activity and seminars. Students will read the literature outside of class and come prepared for class discussion, critique and analysis. Students will be encouraged to engage members of the college and larger community by discussing the issues raised in class on account of the readings and discussions.