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Chemistry of Pollutants: Impacts & Solutions

Course Code NAT-321
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Course Availability: Open
Description: The intense human activities during the past century are characterized by the dispersal of a wide range of wastes into air, water and soil that have contributed enormously to environmental pollution. Therefore, it is imperative that our society understands the widespread impacts of environmental pollution and continually improves the solutions of these problems. As a part of this stream this course has an intention to reveal what we know about types of pollutants, their sources and releases, their pathways through the three major environmental media: air, water and soil, and their effects on human society (health, education, politics and economy). Emphasis will be placed on practical solutions on how to improve the quality of our environment. The state of health of the World's and Canada's environments stressing areas where environmental pollution is the subject of public debate and concern will also be incorporated through lectures, discussions and assignments. The course will conclude with an examination of environmental sustainability, policies, laws and how individuals can contribute to understanding and protecting our common environment.