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ACE Chemistry

Course Code ACHE-012
Lecture hours per week 8
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This chemistry course provides learners with a strong knowledge of chemistry as it applies to industry and environmental issues. Emphasis is given to analyzing problems and communicating scientific information effectively. The content of this course reflects the needs of many adult learners entering post-secondary college programs in health and environmental sciences. As such, it allows for learners to complete three core units and two elective units of study. The course begins with a diagnostic assessment where the individual training plans are designed with both long term and short term measurable goals that are flexible enough to be modified to improve learners’ performance curve. The result of this first assessment helps the instructor form learning groups and identifies leaders where teaching and learning potential of the class as a whole can be harnessed constructively in various in-class activities, quizzes, tests, assignments, presentations and discussions.