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Communication and Professional Practice

Course Code MLAB-102
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course will introduce the student to the profession of Medical Laboratory Assistant / Technician within the profession of Medical Laboratory Technologist of Ontario. In addition to reviewing historical aspects, the student will learn about legislation and the professional organizations that govern their practice. Concepts such as professional ethics, boundaries, confidentiality, as well as the standards of practice and core competencies will be addressed. This course will also assist the student to develop effective interpersonal relationships with their peers, with patients and /or their families, and other health care professionals, by using the Collaborative Practice framework formulated by the CMLTO. Personal and professional values, principles of communication, communication models, conflict, conflict resolution and group dynamics will all be explored. A variety of communication skills will be introduced and applied to specific professional situations ( e.g. interacting with patients experiencing stress, interviewing / information-sharing, telephone etiquette etc. ). Intercultural communication within health care will also be examined.