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Community Development in Action

Course Code CDEV-312
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course will focus predominantly on the process of “doing” community development through the examination of various community development process models and approaches, project management strategies, practice principles, partnership building and public participation frameworks. The strength-based underpinnings of CD work will be examined in depth, along with the related concepts of self –determination, cultural competence and cultural proficiency. The act of researching and entering the community, setting goals and assessing both community needs and assets will highlight the essential process of change that is central to CD work. The course will explore strategic planning for CD action in both the private and public sector including developing a community vision, mission statement and terms of reference for community action. An examination of contemporary trends, issues and debates associated with CD practice will be included. Exploring community action plan creation strategies will help students understand the process of how to assess, plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and revise community programs. The politics inherent in the process of implementing and evaluating CD interventions will be discussed with an emphasis on both the challenges and possible solutions to these challenges. Learning how to mobilize groups into action and converting work plans into visible projects will be a central focus of the course. Advocacy, as a crucial part of community work will be examined along with the goals, tactics and several ingredients necessary for successful advocacy initiatives in the community.  In addition, the course will explore the process of community capacity building, change management, and the impact of politics in building community networks and promoting community action.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the significant relationship that exists in CD practice between the process  of doing community development work and  the resulting outcomes
  2. Examine various skills, tools, frameworks, and strategies central to the grassroots approach of CD  practice
  3. Describe the strength-based approach that defines CD practice and assess its importance to the field of CD    
  4. Investigate the processes of assessing, planning implementing and evaluating community initiatives
  5. Analyze the politics inherent in the process of implementing and evaluating CD interventions
  6. Explain how community mobilization, cooperation and advocacy relate to the process of facilitating social change in the community
  7. Investigate examples of both successful and unsuccessful CD projects and initiatives and identify implications for practice


Course Outline