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Community Economic Development

Course Code CDEV-214
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course provides students with an analysis of the social and economic context of the practice of CD, as it strives to strengthen local communities, build strategic partnerships and address ethical issues in both governmental & non-profit sectors. Students will investigate wealth distribution, poverty and job creation as key aspects in the process of community economic development. An emphasis on the collective empowerment process as a means to achieve social justice goals will be examined from a range of perspectives.

This course focuses heavily on the realities facing the CD practitioner, particularly as related to local growth and development in the community and ways to encourage the best use of community resources. Asset based community development will be examined along with topics such as community asset mapping, human capital, local labour market analysis, and the business of social justice. In addition, an exploration of mobilizing social capital and its effect on local economic development will be included in the course. Recognition of potential conflicts of interest and the application of ethical rules and principles in the practice of CED will be discussed.

 Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the key definitions, major concepts and primary goals related to the practice of community economic development       
  2. Compare and contrast the various approaches and skills utilized in the process of  revitalizing local economies and  building  community resources       
  3. Explain how the process of CED impacts, and is influenced by, the social and political systems of both a community, the larger country and the world     
  4. Explore the realities, challenges and ethical issues related to promoting local economic growth in both mainstream and alternative community-based economies
  5. Investigate the concept of social capital and its relationship to local economic development, civil society and social justice issues         
  6. Examine different community fundraising approaches/organizations and identify how they impact the implementation of community initiatives
  7. Analyze examples of successful and unsuccessful CED projects and identify Implications for practice