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Community, Family and Role

Course Code DSWP-119
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course examines Community Development and the needs of families and family members who have intellectual disabilities.  Learners will investigate communities and the process of community development to build communities that include people with intellectual disabilities. Students will learn how to use Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) strategies to strengthen communities and include people at risk for marginalization. Students will also explore intentional communities for people with disabilities. The role of the DSW within community development is examined.  The family component of the course examines the history of the family in a social context and the current changing needs of families.  Students will learn how to support families who have intellectually disabled members.  Strategies to work effectively with families are explored and evaluated.  Supporting the rights of persons with a disability and their family to engage in decision making and securing equal opportunities form the foundations of this course.  Current issues within family structures are investigated.  Family resilience is discussed using a strengths-based perspective.  Family systems theory is examined to understand roles, boundaries, context and rules.  The DSW role while working effectively with families is explored.

Course Learning Outcomes

The student will reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Distinguish between performing an activity at a community setting and membership and roles within community activities and groups
  2. Derive principles to guide their community building work, if it is to address the devaluation of a person or group of people
  3. Explain the process of community development work
  4. Discern and map the gifts/assets of a defined community.
  5. Create plans to help people with intellectual disabilities to fulfill valued social roles which might sustain established relationships or lead to new relationships
  6. Analyze stories of community building
  7. Plan community-building approaches within differing types of communities. Communities that represent where people with disabilities might live, work, learn, worship, socialize and play
Course Outline