Control Systems

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Control Systems provides a comprehensive foundation for a professional career in the field of robotics and control systems. The program is interdisciplinary, covering most important areas with contributions mainly from the Departments of Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computing Science and Applied Physics. CTEC312 will provide a relevant curriculum provided via lectures, hands-outs and practical labs in order to provide experience with microcontroller based applied digital control systems, by use of mobile robots.

Control and Robotics are enabling technologies in most modern technical areas. Robotics has long been in frequent use in the manufacturing industry and is now being introduced into unmanned vehicles used in transportation, aerospace, defense, commercial and service sectors. Other areas of interest may include healthcare, and biomedical sectors.

Control theory is the corner stone in most industrial processes, and also in the construction of embedded controllers for vehicles (X by wire), aero planes, spacecrafts, and space probes such as the Voyager series or Mars Rover. Thus, as the control area becomes increasingly important as the complexity and performance becomes more critical.

There is a clearly growing need for engineers and technologists who can design, build, and maintain these complex automated and intelligent systems of today and in the future.