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Converged Networks

Course Code NET-323
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

IP has become the common denominator infrastructure of choice and is pervasive throughout the world. This course addresses the principles of network convergence – those concepts that allow voice, data, fax and video signals to co-reside on a common networking platform. 

Far from being in the experimental stage, Voice over IP (VoIP) has emerged as an alternative to circuit switched voice networks and provides business opportunities to derive significant benefits. 

During this course the students will analyze the technical issues pertaining to the integration and provisioning of voice, data and video traffic onto a common IP backbone, and understand the types of service offerings that are enabled through this technology. 

Through a series of challenging laboratory exercises, students will build on their knowledge of PBX administration to manage and configure IP endpoints, trunks, routers, switches, and gateways. The effects of choosing different CODECS and network parameters will be analyzed as to their impact on Quality of Service.