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Crafting and Executing Strategy

Course Code MGMT-702
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course is designed to advance the learner’s capacity to support or lead the application of strategic concepts that address the management of a firm as a whole. That breath of perspective reflects the perspective of a General Manager, and is broader than the perspective of a functional manager. The course has been developed on the premise that all managers contribute to both the crafting and the execution of strategy. Strategy is "crafted" as decisions are taken regarding the directions available to the firm. Once taken, decisions must be implemented or "executed".

Topics covered in the course include:
- the mission, vision and values of the firm; corporate governance mechanisms and their impact on strategic decisions
- the macro-environmental context of the firm, including globalization, competitive landscapes and economic/systemic "shocks"
- the available resources and capabilities of the firm
- the layering of a firms strategies: corporate, business, functional and operational
- the design and testing of business/revenue models
- the impact of organizational architecture and corporate/operational culture on the effective fulfillment of strategy
- the role of mergers and acquisitions