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Curriculum: Project Development

Course Code ECEP-229
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The Early Childhood Educator facilitates children's experiences through project work by encouraging inquiry and engagement while supporting the children's in-depth investigations of meaningful topics worthy of exploration. The educator celebrates the child as a competent and able learner by incorporating principles of collaboration, reciprocity and relationships as critical threads in all elements of the plan.

Using observation, students will identify children's cues and have the opportunity to design and implement projects which respond to the interests of small groups of  children and facilitate their understanding of the world. Students will learn to enrich  projects by enhancing the children's learning in a variety of curriculum content areas and developmental domains. Students will use documentation panels to celebrate and communicate the process of the project and the children's learning to the members of the center community.

Minimum C grade. Pre-requisites: Semester 1 ECEP courses & ECEP135.