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Customer Relationship Management

Course Code CHTM-207
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy for maximizing shareholder value through acquiring, enhancing and retaining desired customers. This course will examine the concepts, processes and technologies an organization uses to achieve superior performance through client intelligence. CRM software will be used to illustrate several client-facing business processes: lead management and the prospect qualification process; sales process management, campaign management and the execution of post-conversion service. The course emphasizes the methods of accessing intelligence, team collaboration, performance measurement and continuous improvement though analytical feedback. Corporate examples/scenarios will be used to illustrate best practices. Aligning business activities around the customer/client creates an opportunity to collect an extensive quantity of client-related descriptive and behavioural data. Methods of analyzing and interpreting this data will be investigated; analysis and queries will be executed. Corporate examples will be used to emphasize the importance of identifying the business objective and selecting an appropriate technique. Course content will be delivered using lectures and demonstration, assigned cases and readings, review of relevant web sites and the use of selected technologies.