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Design 2: Design for Web and Mobile Devices

Course Code EMSD-705
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Digital media and interactive devices require the designer to engage the user in an interactive relationship that efficiently achieves the designer's goals while it satisfies the needs of the user. Students will explore the theories and models of successful interactive design for media, from web pages and instructional media to cell phones and public installations.

Students will

  • Study the best practices of web and Interactive design 
  • Define the requirements of different forms of internet and wireless devices 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of image management and compression 
  • Demonstrate proficiency with web authoring tools such as Dream weaver and Flash 
  • In group and solo assignments, develop outlines, storyboards and decision trees for web and interactive projects 
  • Design their own navigational prototypes, achieving clarity and simplicity and making best use of predictive behavior.