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Developing an International Business Plan

Course Code INTL-728
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The primary focus of this course is students’ completion of an international business plan worthy of consideration for financial support from a funding source such as a commercial bank or venture capitalist. This could be a plan for foreign direct investment, non-equity alliance, or trade. The business plan is developed for a Canadian enterprise either imaginary or, if possible, for a real-world company or trade organization.

In order to fulfill this requirement, students learn the various components of an international business plan, including research and analysis, identification of a target country, and components of the plan itself. Students acquire the necessary skills for completing the international business plan primarily via case studies throughout the semester. Students work collaboratively in groups to develop their plan and simulate a real-life presentation to a potential funding source at the conclusion of the course. Global strategic issues particular to the business must be properly addressed in order to ensure the plan’s effectiveness. Particular emphasis is placed on effective writing and a realistic financial plan.