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Drive Trains

Course Code APTR-305
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This course is design to allow students to advance their knowledge about the vehicle’s drive train system. Students will learn the principle and operation of the pull type clutch, they will learn how adjust and maintain this type of clutch system. Students will also be taught how a multiple counter shaft transmission operates and why it is used in heavy duty transmissions. In this course students will also be introduce to another type of transmission apart from the manual ones covered in drive train Semester 1. Students will gain a detail understanding of the torque converter and its purpose. The students will study the purpose, functions, composition and the principle of operation for each part of the torque converter. The students will examine in detail the various components that make up the torque converter. They will inspect, diagnose and recommend repair for each component of the torque converter. Students will also be taught in detail how the Automatic transmission works. They will discuss each component that makes up the automatic transmission such as the gear system, Clutch packs and different valves that make this transmission works. This course will cover both a manually controlled and the full electronic controlled automatic transmission. This course will also cover the purpose and fundamentals of the transfer case and the power take off system. Students will also learn how to perform inspection, diagnosing and repair or recommend repair on the automatic transmission, transfer case and power take off system.