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Electrical, Electronics. & Fuel Systems

Course Code APGM-307
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Semester 1:
GM course :Electronic Service Information SI2000,
GM Electrical Diagnosis :including meter usage testing of circuits and components,
GM Terminal repair: repairs to all GM terminals and connector repairs

Semester 2:
GM Integrated controls: including vehicle switching , computer communication a integration
GM Engine electrical: Fundamentals of Electrical magnetism electrical motors Starters, Generators and Batteries
GM TECH 2: Proper usage of the Tech 2 Scan tool: setup testing Snap shots, programming and onboard and off board protocol

Semester 3:
Intake and Exhaust Systems, Superchargers, Electronic Ignition Fundamentals and Systems, Gasoline Fuel Injection Fundamentals, GM Engine Management Part 1, Gasoline Fuel Injection Diagnosis and Repair, Emissions Control Systems Fundamentals, Emissions Control Systems Inspection & Testing, Emission Control Diagnosis and Repair, GM Engine Management Part 2, Power Accessories and Electrical Options, GM Body Electrical Systems.

Semester 4: Fuel Systems engine Disassembly /assemble and fuel system Diagnosis,
GM Wiper systems Principles of operation electrical schematics, diagnosis and repair.
GM Supplemental inflatable Restraint Principle restraint system seatbelts/SIR driver and passenger Air bags seat belt pretensioners/ side impact restraint system curtain air bags / Inspection and repair/ Electrical diagnosis of deployment loops.