Electrical Management and Emission

Course Code APVO-210
Lecture hours per week 1
Lab hours per week 1
Course Availability: Open

With the advancements made in electronics and electronic processing capabilities, commercial vehicles are becoming more advance each day. Most vehicles are full multiplex and technicians must be able to diagnose and repair these electronic systems. This course is design to give students the foundation that is needed to understand the electronics found on vehicle. Students will learn about the operating principles of an electronic service tools (ESTs) and how these ESTs aid in the diagnosing and repairing of faults that occur on vehicles. They will learn about the different types of electronic service tool from manufacturer specific to generic system. Students will also gain hands on practice of using some of these ESTs. Students will study different types of computers found on vehicles and how they interact with each other. The students will learn about inputs and outputs of a computer system and learn how to use the EST to monitor both inputs and output signal to and from a computer on the vehicle.