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Electrical Theory 1

Course Code EET-112
Lecture hours per week 4
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This course has been divided in two parts: Theory and lab.
Electrical theory will familiarize the students with electrical fundamentals from the atomic structure to series, parallel and combination dc circuits by applying Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s Laws. Also present basic principles of magnetism and general safety rules when working with electric equipment or circuits.
Installation is the practical part of this course and has been designed to give students the knowledge and skills to work with the following; Operation of common hand and power tools; install common switching devices, outlets and enclosures; correctly terminate conductors; demonstrate the installation procedures for non-metallic sheathed cable, armoured cable, mineral insulated cable, rigid conduits, flexible conduits, light tight conduits, electrical metallic tubing, electrical non-metallic tubing following all appropriate Canadian Electrical Code rules; install a 100 amp residential consumer’s service and associated branch circuits; layout a service mast installation; install door, signal and extra-low voltage lighting devices; identify and terminate copper communication and hard wired cables.