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Electronics 1 and Instrumentation 1

Course Code ECME-114
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

Upon successful completion of Electronics 1 & Instrumentation 1 ECME-114, the student is able to identify schematic symbols for North American and European basic logic gates; describe the operation of basic logic gates; use basic logic gates to create digital logic circuits; state Boolean equations for simple logic gates; design and test combination logic circuits; describe the voltage requirements for TTL and CMOS logic circuits; state the standard resistor colour code; connect resistors in series, parallel and combination circuits; describe the properties of N and P type semiconductor materials; explain current, voltage and biasing requirements for silicon and germanium diodes, and LED's; demonstrate the operation of a bipolar transistor; identify the symbols for and describe the operation and biasing for NPN and  PNP Bipolar transistors; demonstrate how a transistor can be used as a switch;

Explain common terms used in instrumentation systems; work with the SI and Imperial system of measurement for pressure and temperature; convert between the four temperature scales. Describe the operation, applications, limitations, install, connect, and test of thermocouples, Thermistors, and RID's. Identify deformation elements of pressuring measuring equipment and determine their accuracy. Explain relationships between gauge and absolute pressure, and vacuum. Explain the operation, construction and applications of typical industrial pressure sensors. Identify ISA instrumentation symbols and draw basic process (P) and Instrumentation (I) diagrams for pressure and temperature devices.