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Engineering Science

Course Code ROBO-223
Lecture hours per week 4
Lab hours per week 0
Course Availability: Open

The course emphasises the application of the principles of statics and mechanics of materials, by introducing the student to problems depicting realistic situations encountered in engineering practice. Statics is a branch of mechanics, involving the study of statics (equilibrium) of bodies. Other concepts introduced are forces, moments, couples, resultants, centroids, moments of inertia, free body diagrams, and friction. Mechanics of materials deals with the methods for finding internal forces, or stresses, and deflections, or deformation, in deformable machine components when subjected to external loads. It provides a means for determining the load-carrying capacity, or strength, and the induced deflections or deformation, in the body. The stress-strain relationships are used for determining or justifying the size or shape of machine parts.