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Ethics and Stakeholder Management

Course Code MGMT-703
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week 0
Course Availability: Open

Managers possess significant power by virtue of the positions they hold, the resources they control, and the range of choices at their disposal with respect to employer-employee relations, firm-customer relations, firm-society relations, and firm-supplier relations. This circumstance places in the hands of managers the simultaneous capacity to do both harm and good, which in consequence could either degrade or enhance the competitive advantages of the firm. Accordingly, managers, as fiduciary agents of the multiple stakeholders of the firm, need a well-developed moral compass that would guide their policy choices and their daily decisions and actions. This course, therefore, seeks to instill in the participants, as actual or aspiring managers, a set of guiding principles that could assure consistent ethical conduct and the equitable discharge of the firm’s obligations to all of its stakeholders. The course explores the latest theoretical discourses in the field of ethics and stakeholder management, amply supported by extensive case analyses, debates, and critical evaluation of the practices of leading firms in a variety of industries. The course is a graduate-level course and students are expected to engage in extensive prior reading of both the textbook’s discourses and the specific cases assigned.

Course Outline