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Family-Centred Nursing Theory

Course Code NUPD-706
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course is comprised of two parts: first is the perinatal section, allowing the learner to explore areas such as reproduction, menstruation, and contraception, family planning, and infertility. It also takes the learner through the four stages of pregnancy and the importance of assessments and care of the woman, fetus and family during each stage. A comprehensive approach to the issues and trends surrounding the care of the childbearing family will be discussed. Issues and trends such as changes in the health care delivery system and childbirth practices, changes in family structure and support, cultural context of the family and vulnerable populations, impact of legal and ethical issues, health promotion and prevention, and identifications of populations at risk will be discussed. The second part of the course is the pediatric section, allowing the learner to study the many developmental aspects from infancy through to adolescence. Focus is placed on the biological, psychosocial, cognitive, social, moral, cultural and spiritual aspects of development in each age group. Evidence based literature and community supports will be used to guide the students learning and practice.