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Field Placement 2

Course Code DSWP-228
Lecture hours per week 24
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Field Placements are designed as learning opportunities. You participate in placements to gain applied experiences supporting people who have intellectual disabilities within different contexts. To support this learning, the field placement assigns you to one placement supervisor with whom you will work with each day. Expectations, support and evaluation occur more effectively in such situations and your work will be assessed in relation to the types and needs of supports required by individuals and their communities and the competencies outlined in the field manual.You will have the opportunity to take the responsibility for designing and implementing plans or strategies to teach and support individuals and/or work with communities. Facilitation and leadership skills, community development and, positive imagining and competencies for holistic the personal well-being and community inclusion for individuals you will support are some of the areas you will pursue in this placement.Pre-Requisites: DSWP215 Teaching Skills; DWSP 122 Building Communities; DSWP 217 Field Seminar 1; DSWP 218 Field Placement 1 Co-requisite: DSWP 218 Field Placement. Course Length: 384 hours, 24 hours per week for 16 weeks. Minimum Grade Requirement : C

Course Outline DSWP-228.pdf