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Field Placement 2

Course Code RECL-125
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Field placement is the opportunity to develop and practice the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to the Recreation and Leisure Practitioners role of facilitating leisure for others. During this placement you will be given opportunities to work independently and as a team member as you contribute to the goals and activities of the agency. You will carry out activities required to implement programs offered by the agency. During this placement, you may also be given the opportunity to demonstrate a range of leadership styles, prepare promotional materials, develop and evaluate programs for individuals and/or groups in the community. An important and essential tool for your success is your use of the field manual and utilizing the feedback and guidance provided by your agency supervisor and faculty advisor. A reflective weekly journal describing your performance progress is suggested. Specific competencies to be demonstrated are described in the Field Manual. Working in a recreation related agency for a total of 240 supervised hours, students will gain their first professional experience in assisting in the implementation of recreation programming. Prerequisite: RECL103 Preparation for Practice.