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Field Placement 1

Course Code DSWP-218
Lecture hours per week 16
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

In Field Placement 1, students use the theory of Social Role Valorization to frame and understand the role of supporter. Listening; experiencing the rhythm of a person's day; determining a person's life experiences and the limits society has imposed upon their opportunities; understanding a person's relationships; listening to friends, family and allies of a person; attending to a person's gifts, talents and interests; and noticing a person's reactions to everyday interactions are all ways that students can come to know and understand the person or people they support at their field placement. Students will take direction from the person he/she supports, to establish or enhance valued social role in their life. Pre-requisites: DSWP114 Developing A Vision; DSWP112 Valued Social Roles; DSWP113 Supports for Personal Health Care; DSWP125 Preparation for Practice; DSWP126 Field Observation Co-requisite: DSWP 218 Field Placement 1. Course Length: 15 hours, 1 hour per week for 15 weeks. Minimum Grade Requirement :C