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Fluid Power Systems 1

Course Code HDMP-109
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This course will introduce students to the applications, theory, fundamentals and principles of hydraulics. Emphasis will be focused on: Fluid Power Components, Graphic Symbols, Hydraulic Fluid and Filters, Conductors, Connectors and Maintenance Schedules. 
Hydraulics is extensively used in heavy duty equipment. It is also found on many new hybrid systems as well. This course will give the students the knowledge that is needed in the advancement of understanding fluid power. The student will be able to explain the basic fundamentals, rules and laws that govern hydraulic systems. Students will do mathematical calculations using set formulas to find pressure, force and area that apply to hydraulic applications. They will learn the correct symbols of various components in hydraulic circuitry. They will also be able to read and draw hydraulic schematics using the correct hydraulic symbols. Students will be able to identify and explain the principles and purpose of components found in hydraulic systems.