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Food and Tourism Elective

Course Code COOK-250
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

In this course, students have the option to choose either:

FOOD 201: Canadian Food Studies

This introduction to successful culinary and baking professionals’ career pathways will examine the industry and educational experience from apprentice to chef as well as interpersonal and transformational skills that facilitate chefs to become leaders.

Students will develop practical skills and social science research methods and apply contemplative practices while investigating chefs, their decisions and the practices that help to shape and influence Canadian and global society.

In-person learners will experience online and in-class delivery, with alternating weeks featuring an online lesson with interactive self-reflection components. Online learners will also enjoy immersive components. Both groups will develop short-, medium- and long-term goals that will culminate with a unique directional career plan to include studies and pursuits in the culinary and baking industry.

FOOD 205: Chef Profile

Ideas, values and beliefs regarding food and its associated practices are cultural, learned behaviour. To gain knowledge and understanding of food and food practices as key aspects of human experience, students will explore origins and development of diverse foods and beverages that help to distinguish the Canadian food experience. They will gain the ability to taste and examine ingredients using various cultures’ equipment and to explain how other cultures and Indigenous peoples have shaped Canadian food choices and traditions. Students will also gain an understanding of foodways and their practices in different cultures and how food habits function beyond just providing energy and sustenance.

Both in-person learners and online will use practical skills, social science research methods, and the self-reflective practice.