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Food Studies Career Preparation

Course Code COOK-307
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This 14-week course is designed for students enrolled in either the Culinary or Baking Arts Management programs. Students learn the necessary skills and strategies to develop professional and personal plans that enhance performance and build the foundation for a successful career path. Students will examine a range of career opportunities; develop oral, written, job readiness skills required in today's hospitality field. Lectures will include the importance of conducting oneself in an ethical, competent and accountable manner, and working to build team commitment and spirit. In addition to, students will create a resume and online presence that meets the needs of today's employers. Students will have the opportunity to practice interviewing techniques and written and verbal communication strategies. Discussions will include, thinking and planning, identifying and considering options when problem solving, and striving to deliver results with a high level of consistency. This course will support students as they prepare for work integrated learning in their respective program or an external job search.