Foundations of Leadership

Course Code HOTL-705
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Extraordinary business results are produced in organizations that have extraordinary leaders.  Leadership is the process of influencing others to attain organizational goals. Today’s leadership styles are more participative and consultative than the dogmatic, authoritative approaches of the past. The course provides a critical review of the classical approaches to leadership as well as the most contemporary and evolving approaches and guides the students in building their own foundation of leadership through the exploration of personal vision, values and style. With this personal foundation, the students will learn new skills and behaviors that will enhance their ability to lead others and address specific leadership challenges and cultural issues.

This course will enhance students' interpersonal skills, as well as their knowledge and understanding of the theory and research underlying effective team management and collaboration in an organization, placing special emphasis on emerging trends in management. Business ethics, globalization, and technology are studied. The course involves a variety of instructional techniques and experiences such as case analysis, role analysis, video sessions, and experiential exercises.