Centennial College has resumed limited in-person lab instruction using a phased approach

Fuel Systems

Course Code APVO-308
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 1
Course Availability: Open

With the stringent emission regulations that diesel engine have to conform to the mechanical fueled engine has become obsolete. This course will give student a firm understanding of a full authority electronic controlled fuel system. Students will learn about the different types of full authority electronic system from the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injection system (HEUI) to the latest Common Rail fuel system. Students will cover in detail the various parts of the HEUI injector and injection system. They will gain understanding on how the system operates and how to inspect, test and repair fault that incur in this system. Students will also learn about the purpose and fundamentals of Common Rail, Accumulator Fuel Systems, why most manufacturers is using the common rail system and what makes it more superior to the other types of full authority system. Students will learn how to diagnose, test, inspect and repair these types of fuel system. The course will also give students hands on practice in using electronic service tools to diagnose and repair these types of electronic fuel system.